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Kelly Ripa’s RIPPED!

kellyKelly Ripa does not play when she works out!  Click here to watch the segment on Regis and Kelly, where she played a clip of one of her workouts with her trainer, Keith Byard.  After having three children, she looks better than ever!  I was very impressed by her toned arms in the youtube clip above.  She looks great.  She’s always been criticized for being too thin, but look at her now.  She’s glowing, she’s toned, she’s fit, she’s healthy.  What more could she ask for?  If you take a couple of minutes to watch the clip, you’ll notice that this particular workout utilized absolutely NO gym equipment.  She got a great workout with medicine balls and her own body weight.  Medicine balls are great and can be used for a variety of exercises.  Many of the exercises;however,  require a partner.

She started her workout with, well flexing her biceps to be exact!  But, she follows that with medicine ball chest passes.  These are great to work the triceps, and pretty much the entire arm.  The best part, it’s game of throw and catch!

She ten, would take the medicine ball, and spike it straight down to the floor.  The trainer would then throw it back to her.  This also works the back, shoulders and arms.

After her passes with the medicine ball, she dropped and begain push-ups.  I was impressed with her push-ups!  She has great form and can do tons of them!

Ripa worked legs next.  She did weight-free squats.  She mentioned that she had to do them until her trainer felt she had done enough.  I’m sure she does TONS of them!  She’s in great shape, so if she’s doing them without weight, she is NOT going to do just 15.  Do these until your legs are burning.

Then came my favorite exercise.  She got onto the large stability ball and go in the position to do abs.  Her trainer would throw the medicine ball above her her head, allowing her to catch the ball in the air over her head and going back into a crunch with it.  She then threw it back at him.  This looks tough!

Last but not least, she did lunges out to the side, using the same leg.  She then switched.  By that time, I’m sure she had gotten a great upper body, lower body, and CARDIO workout.  Byard kept her moving the whole time to get that fat burning (although Ripa has no fat!)

After her strength training, she went out to complete the cardio portion of he workout.  She went for a run.  Cardio is extremely important for everyone.  It gets your heart working, fat burning, and keeps you in great physical shape.


Ripa eats frequently throughout the day.  She beginw with coffee with half and half, has a sandwich on whole grain bread at around 10am, has a serving or so of almonds and a fruit for her snack, and has salad and veggies for dinner  Sounds like the meal plan I posted towards the beginning of Jauary.

All in all, Ripa looks great.  She quit smoking, and developed a rock-solid body!  She looks great and I’m hoping she will stay motivated.  Impressed that a mother of 3, that works so much, looks so wonderful! Keep it up Ripa!


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  1. I watched the video and it can be realistically done at home. The 1200 – 1500 meal plan is also very easy to maintain.

    Comment by JustRoastedcom | January 31, 2009

  2. Kelly is ripped. She looks great. And she looks like she feels great. Everyone should just leave her alone.

    Comment by khrysty | September 16, 2009

  3. I love you kelly you are my inspiration when I feel ;ike giving up only 15 lbs left to go. keep up and never quit. donna

    Comment by donna | January 2, 2010

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